Welcome to the HTML Sandbox³ App!

This document will provide you a high level guideline on how to use the HTML Sandbox³ app on your iOS 17 device.

1. Goal

The app works closely with the HTML Sandbox³ shortcuts in order to provide the user with a custom design on lockscreen & homescreen .

First, see some results that you can achieve with HTML Sandbox³ :

I highly recommend to spend 1 minute and 20 seconds to watch the following video in order to see what you can achieve on an iOS17 device without a jailbreak. Thanks to our user Dazednconfuzed4, who compiled this video.

Trailer - Theme Compilation

2. Download the HTML Sandbox³ app

Simple scan QR-Code from your iPhone or tap on the App Store link below.


Go to App Store.

Kindly open the HTML Sandbox³ app and download the HTML Sandbox³ shortcuts ( see screenshot below ). Follow on screen instructions.

HTML Sandbox³ app: Download HTML Sandbox³ shortcut

3. First Steps

If you open the app the first time, the app will generate an iCloud working folder, in which all the themes can be installed.

    iCloud Drive > HTMLSandbox3

As a starter set you can find some handpicked themes on the design tab within the app. Kindly download the zip-file to the

    iCloud Drive > HTMLSandbox3

folder and extract from there. Theme installation done.

Open the HTML Sandbox³ app and go to settings to select an installed theme and run shortcut.

How to run shortcut ?

  1. Browse to shortcut app and tap on the shortcut called HTML Sandbox³ HS or HTML Sandbox³ LS ( rarely, I am doing it that way )
  2. Run from app ( see screenshot below )
  3. Add HTML Sandbox³ lockscreen widget to your lockscreen and run directly from there ( from time to time I am doing this )
  4. Set automation in the shortcut app ( this is my preferred way, updating the screen 6 times a day automatically ).

Option 2: Run shortcut from HTML Sandbox³ app. Hint: Shortcut button in app dragable

Option 3 : run shortcut from lockscreen

In case the theme on your lockscreen / homescreen is not shown correctly. Kindly check whether the files are stored on your iPhone. Refer to screenshot below (in this example the files are not stored on iPhone and need to be downloaded).

Example for files not downloaded to iPhone

In case you still have problems using HTML Sandbox³ shortcut, kindly go to chapter 4.

4. Support

The beauty of the iNNOVATION discord channel is the 24/7 support. You want to change something on a theme and you do not know how, just ask in the support channel. You may read the FAQ section first.

iNNOVATION discord channel

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